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deviantart-17-birthday-template by bluedragoneye deviantart-17-birthday-template :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 5 2 birds by bluedragoneye birds :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 7 4 Legs by bluedragoneye Legs :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 8 4
Blue eyes are weeping
Blue eyes are weeping
Blue eyes are weeping
No longer do they seek true sight
Falling down slowly
Towards this fading light
Don’t cry for me, don’t lie to me
Just sprout wings and take flight
My Blue eyes are weeping
No longer do they see your unholy might
Crawling forwards and breaking apart
Dying on the inside
Growing Stronger on the out
Dancing with your memories
These Blue eyes weep tonight
Please grow your claws sharper and stand up and fight
Life is short, but heartaches are long
Push onwards on bended knees as you follow my song
Go ahead and Bleed out a sea of fiery red
Dead Blue eyes are weeping
Rise up now my army of living dead
Bye Blue Ey………
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 4 11
Don’t close your eyes or you won’t see life coming straight at you
Don’t close your heart or you won’t feel when love hits you hard
Don’t close your soul or you won’t know that you are truly alive
Don’t close your mind or you won’t know how real believing can be
Don’t close your mouth or you won’t know how savory whispers are when you speak them
Don’t close your ears or you won’t be able to taste the sweetness of my words
Don’t close your hands or you won’t know how to touch
Don’t close yourself off from the world or you won’t every know how to live
Don’t close your eyes or you won’t be able to see that I am right there in front of you
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 4 10
When we cry tears of Joy by bluedragoneye When we cry tears of Joy :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 19 8 Cecy's Purple by bluedragoneye Cecy's Purple :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 19 16
Who is Marilyn?
Who is Marilyn?
Beauty flows off her like water off a rainbow
Her smile breaks and shatters the gloominess of despair
Dogs bow down to her for she is the Queen of their food bowl
Rivers cease to run away when she is near
Big is bold, small is meek, she causes the sky to darken whenever she speaks
Wine is sweeter when she is about bees buzz and Dogs bark out
Men fear her wrath if they do not shower her with diamonds and pearls
Some call her a woman others call her a girl
Soft is her whisper when she has gotten you alone
Leaving you weak in the knees when she gives you a bone
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 6 16
I wish I could
I wish I could
I wish I could give him all the answers that he seeks
Does that mean that I am just too old and weak?
I wish I could erase his pain, saving him from going insane
Does that mean in the end, I’m the one to blame?
I wish I could give him hope to dream
Does that mean I am the image that makes him scream?
I wish I could give him a million tomorrows
Does that mean I have cursed him with a life time of sorrows?
I wish I could teach him how to dance with time
Does that mean I will only end up enslaving him to rhythm and rhyme?
I wish I could give him the gift of an endless laughter
Does that mean I have sealed him away into the hereafter?
I wish I could make him an innocent child again
Does that mean I have caused his very end?
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 8 10
Day Breaks
Day breaks
The sound of day breaking, rings out shattering our frail minds
Driving us crazy for the taste of the inhuman believes that is man kind
We feel the burning sensation of the sun’s yellowing rays
Boiling our brains back to the stage of Primordial soup days
Leaving us feeling like our lives are fake and we’ve all of been duped
And here we stand gurgling sweet wine, with just a pinch of wild berry poop
Until we stumble around like brain starved zombies
Wailing out for our long dead mommies
Strangers come into our timeline, wedging their way into becoming friends
Only to toss their cookies and swim away again
Dinosaurs went extinct and so did our souls
Turning into fossil rocks or crystalized hos
We live where a tiny seed can become a massive tree
And where some people say, bee poop taste just like honey
All because Day Breaks
And so did my mind
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 8 17
Poppy Dreams
Poppy Dreams
Way down the way where the wild poppies grow
Plays a wee lad with a blue, blue soul
Wild raven black hair sweetly framing his young face
He is not angel, but moves with such angel like grace
Dancing with orange poppies in the warm summer’s breezes
As bees bumble around trying not to sneeze
Bowing to the butterflies, as they in turn bow back to him
All awhile wearing a wicked little grin
Sky high overhead the clouds are taking shape
Of sailing ships and fluffy bunnies hopping into outer space
Off in the distance the sea screams out for him
Come play with me blue boy and let me take you in
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 7 6
Are You There?
Are You There?
A warm summer's sun, baking its way into white skin forming tan lines
A soft flowing breeze whispering through evergreen pines
A colourful butterfly flapping from rose to rose
Then it settles down softly upon your nose
Blue eyes piercing into one's soul
So blue it makes ones heart run dead man cold
Black hair soft and thick, like a black swan it flows down his neck
Bare footed he walks through the sand
Heading towards the oceans deep for his torment doesn't sleep
Paddling out beyond the reefs making his way to the Poppy seas
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 9 13
Hey Why?
Hey Why?
Hey Why did you break away, to become an island on your own?
Hey Why did you cry that day, are you not the rage before the storm?
Hey Why did you scream to the heavens, god is dead don't you know?
Hey Why did you laugh and sing, are you not aware that you are all alone?
Hey Why did you fall asleep, didn't you see that there are evil monsters out on the roam?
Hey Why did you fade away, stealing all my memories of you leaving me, leaving me, leaving me so far away from home?
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 5 17
A good Birthday to you
A Good Birthday to you
The white snow kisses her black eyelashes
Tickling it's way down her nose
Her cold eyes turn looking upwards
She like a goddess praying to the skies
The snow beneath her feet crunches like broken bones
Her body is surround by many
But inside she feels quiet alone
Her kisses are sticky, sweet like cotton candy
Her finger nails are painted rose red
At her feet her enemies now lay down dead
Upon her shoulder the sun rays dances
At her back lies a great wave of men
All slayed by the beauty of her wicked blood stain grin
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 4 7
Good Day Peter
Good Day Peter
Your walls are slowly falling away
Do floors leave you feeling grounded
The wicked skies catching fireflies
The dark seas washes away your sins
But yet it cannot wash away your memories of him
Black is the colour of your life
And the kiss of a long cooling night
Brushing its dead lips against your troubled mind
Splashes of orange poppies
Go popping in and out of your time line
The one that has drift away is you, not your friends
Life is like a rubber life raft
So now we think there's no need
For us to learn how to swim
Come fly with me Peter
Take my hand and believe
And we shall be in Neverland before this night breaks free
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 5 9
Happy Birthday Christine by bluedragoneye Happy Birthday Christine :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 12 16


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