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Another Kind Of Blue

Another Kind Of Blue by Applemac12 :iconloveblueplz: Baby Blue by Applemac12

it started with Another Kind Of Blue
and it flowered into me and you :iconloveblueplz:

And Baby Blue :heart:

Do Not Ask For Points!

DB3 - No Asking for Points by SparkLum

Stamp: Blue is My Favorite Mood by Meriko-chan

Blue Love Stamp by Icy-Dew

Stamp Applemac12 by Ampata

My Work

Devil May Cry Arm by bluedragoneye
Vincent Valentine Big Gun by bluedragoneye
Devil May Cry Nero and Dante by bluedragoneye
Vincent Valentine Run by bluedragoneye
Altair Assassins Creed by bluedragoneye
Vincent Valentine by bluedragoneye
Kadaj by bluedragoneye
Reno by bluedragoneye
Genesis by bluedragoneye
Sephiroth  Cloud Kiss by bluedragoneye
Nero Devil May Cry 4 by bluedragoneye
Vincent Valentine with Gun by bluedragoneye
Nero Devil May Cry 4 A by bluedragoneye
Zack and Snoopy by bluedragoneye


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Blue Dragon
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New Zealand
Likes cookies with toast!

Current Residence: Under your bed
Skin of choice: Dragon scales
Personal Quote: Put your Swords Back In Your Pants Boys, Mine's Bigger Anyways

My DeviantART Story!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:27 PM

Feature Artist:

:iconapplemac12: Remarkable for Ngawang by Applemac12

I choose this piece because of the depth of beauty that it tells, it holds a mystical aura to it, a place I long to go to and see, in a time of peacefulness with an offering of hope. It always moves me deeply and when I need to get away from the world I go here and recover my sanity. :icondaloveplz:

:iconartbybeverly: Colored Pencil Observation Study ~ Complete by ArtBYbeverly

I choose this one for its amazing attention to details, its so over the top in professionalism, by an artist who believes she is not as amazing as she truly is, for the company was so impress by her piece, she was sent a free case of this oh so yummy soda pop. PS Plus I so love L&P :love:

Merry Christmas Blue by Chrisy21

I choose this one for it shows the great bones of a fabulous start to an amazing piece of art, she does it all drawing, writing and amazing flower shots. :heart:

:iconlyreice: The Bridge
   There I stood, right on the edge of the bridge. It was the only way out, the only way to safety. But it was the most dangerous place to be. People disappeared and died on that bridge daily. I had little chance of survival, but staying would be the end of me. Either way I'd likely die. At least the bridge offered a chance. Still, the large structure before me was terrifying. The steel beams that ran all along the sides and top, nearly making it look like it was meant to be an oddly shaped house really. Of course, when I looked at it all I saw was the evil death trap it was.
   Behind me I started hearing the faint shrieks and barks of the things that were after me. I knew I had to go now or I'd never make it. I gave a nervous gulp before I took off as fast as I could for the other side.
   It was odd. Almost the moment I stepped on the bridge, a huge, and very thick, fog just rolled in out of nowhere. I could hardly see two feet in front o

I chose this piece because they were able to look at this picture and write an amazing story wrap around this one image, a true and amazing writer in every way.

:iconicy-dew:Coffee Stamp by Icy-Dew

Though I Love Tea she has this amazing talent that is beyond my understanding it shows there are so many levels of art forms that we all have a special talent, that others may not have a clue as how to do it. I for one shall stick to my trusty pencil :iconpencilplz:

I joined DeviantART a life time ago, when I was down wanting something more in my life. One day I was looking up Dragon Art on the web and the name DeviantART kept popping up, so I decided to look it up. I discovered this art group though I wasn't too sure about it at the start after all it was called Deviant!!!! But I wanted some contact with other artist for where I was living it was way out in nothingness and artist were a group of people who dwelled deeply in the mist of city buildings. And besides if I did not like this site I could walk away right? But here I am nearly 6 and a half years later still here.

At the beginning I was so active watching other encouraging them in their art and even in their own lives giving advice. I have met many who needed help and I have met a special few who have help me back. And those I carry always in my heart, for DA is more then just art its also the artist we meet along the way. Many have come and gone some to return others to slip away into the night never leaving even a farewell, though they are gone in body they have not faded from memory.

But like all artist we improve in style and form, spiritually and emotionally, each and all effects our art, when we are dark our work is full of darkness, when we are uplifted and full of light, our art is shining brightly. The best art to me is art that pulls you in and makes you feel something, whether it is what the artist was feeling when he/she painted, or written it or how it effects you right now in your daily life, what you are experiencing and going through right now or have been through.

So I have grown not only in art, but in mind, body and soul, all because I have join this site. Not to mention meeting some people so special to me that they have carried me through many darkest of nights, who were the light in the furious of storms, sheltering me from the beast we are born into. And to the one who keeps me close by their side.

Love to you all, may your art and this site carry you onwards and forwards, enjoy your time here  and may it always help you get to the next stepping stone of life.

Peace out

BDE :nana:

  • Mood: Optimism


The winds picks up from the East, roaring in like a wild beast. The air hangs heavy in a poisonous red mist, that always seems to dance around rotting corpses. These deadly spores that would cling to anything living and then slowly it would kill it's warm body host. First appeared here 35 years ago, when they came to our world seeking refuge, claiming that their home world was destroyed by an unknown alien race. We welcome them for they appeared to look like us. But sadly we learn all too late, that these humanoids were breed as a plague and sent to other worlds, by those very same aliens in order to conquer them.  The rotting bodies of the dead humanoids, litter our now dying world, though the plague was dominant in the first generation of these humanoids that call themselves Arthliens. We still fear their offspring and many are hunted down and killed even if they are half breeds part us part Arthliens. We will not go extinct like so many of our worlds species have, no we will survive and we will be waiting for them when the do come to our world to conquer it.

Leaf's breathing slows as she searches the valley below, her face mask was an old one handed down to her from her dead grandmother, only the wealthy had the most advance mask while she breathes in mildly filter air the rich breath in pure oxygen, though the rich and wealthy never venture outside the safely zones house deeply in the sides of mountains. No it was others like her that guard these zones that have to do with faulty air devices. But she has heard that in a small groupings of out buildings there are some military supplies hidden away. Though most places were long ago raided and strip of anything useful, this one spot was over look thought destroyed by the bombing raids, that were done on the onset of the alien plague.

The sun was about to set in a few hours, which would cast the valley below in darkness, a cold temperatures would rise up, leaving Leaf's body heat an attraction for the Red Mist to move towards. Making the need to get in and out fast, even more urgent. Leaf soft footsteps were hidden in the soft sand of the Valley's floor the building was easier spotted from the above cliffs for the sun shine off a small window set up on in the second floor, though most of the windowpane had been broken away a small piece still remain stuck fast by layers of old greyish white paint. The wind was far worst down here on the valley floor, it seems that the tall walls acted like a funnel aiding to the winds speed. Grabbing her hood to keep it from being rip off her head, Leaf turns her body so that the wind was pushing at her back keeping her hood in place though the wind was now blowing her faster towards the old building. Timing her steps she with the winds rush she aims her body towards the old wooden door that was half buried in a sand drift. Cussing softly to herself she kneels down and begins digging with both gloved hands the sand away from the door. Luckily for her the wind was howling in the right directions it was helping carry the shovelled sand away down the Valley.

It took longer then she had plan for the door to be free from it's sandy mount, but she had no choice but to carryon the temperatures had plummet rapidly, faster now that the surround walls were blocking falling sun's heat. Cast in shadows the door look more menacing then it had moments before in the fading light, causing Leaf to pause with her hand raised to open the door, her heart beating in her ears now. She barely heard the roaring of the beast up the Valley a few hundred yards to her left. Now her heart race as her panic rises, the creature was being lead towards her at a fast pace, by the madness of the red plague that impregnated the dying beast brain. Leaf quickly turns the doorknob the door creaks as it opens just a few inches, the stops jam by something inside the building. Leaf starts pushing hard against the door, but it does not budge, she tosses her body at the door harder it only vibrates in place, as the ground shakes about her, from the weight of the mammoth  rotting creature as it bellows out it's death cry. Her blue eyes widen behind the filthy lens of her mask, her breathing deepening as she inhales to fast. (not good not good) her mind screams as she backs up slightly and moves in fast and hard slamming the door with her whole body.

The sound of the something breaking away was music to her ears, as what ever was jamming the door in place gives. Leaf is flung inside by her own body force as she spins around the door shoving in hard quickly shutting it, the beast moves on by, no longer having Leaf's body heat to lead it, blinded by the plague it races on down the Valley where it would run until it could no longer move on rotting limbs, soon to die and lay wasting away.

Leaf stood still in the darkness her head leaning against the back of the door, panting she closes her eyes trying to get her breathing back under control so she could go about why she had come here in the first place. Upon hearing the fading hoof beats, Leaf gives a sigh of relief she has manage to avoid death this time around but this nightmare was only just begun, for she has to survive the night too.

The sound of something crashing in the front room, brought his head up hard and fast, thinking he was alone here in the darkness, only to find something has just broken into his home.

Happy Birthday Vasi by bluedragoneye
Happy Birthday Vasi
I hope your Birthday is a smashing one Vasi

Happy Birthday :iconvasidgallery:Happy Birthday Grin 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday :piratejig: Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday Sini Birthday MenInASuitcase KimRaiFan's Bday Cake fella's Gobbler (Party) Flowers fella (Love) fella Gift (Party) Birthday cake  icon Blower fella (Party) Delicious Cake (Badges) Sprinkle Pop birthday 


Do you?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:00 PM
Do you?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:00 PM
Do you?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:00 PM
Do you?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:00 PM
Do you?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:00 PM


:iconapplemac12: Wonderful Beautiful Talented Artist! The first time I saw one of his lovely
Pictures I was in awed for he has a gift for taking exquisite pictures. Whether they be his flowers
Many of which he himself have grown, to his landscape shots, even his beloved dog Moose he
Knows what will make others stand up and take notice. And I have I have fallen in love with
The area where he lives where he shows the world the Beauty of NZ……..

Estuary Sunset by Applemac12
Blues Blue Rose by Applemac12
Moose by Applemac12

:iconartbybeverly: Smiles! Really one cannot look at her art and not smile for they are
So bright so colorful so full of life, even when she paints her sadness it's bright and
Colorful if only we all could be so sparkly stars are not just white for they are many colors
And Beverly star flashes many colors..............:iconbowplz:

Moose, The Huntaway! by ArtBYbeverly
Living In Harmony ~ Soft pastels by ArtBYbeverly
A Flower's Splendor! by ArtBYbeverly

:iconicy-dew: Purple Popcorn Princess Cecy has a talent I wish I had she can create such amazing things
I know to her they are easy simple she has stated but to me they are remarkable works
I am clueless on how they are done so I admire her talent greatly
Blue Love Stamp by Icy-Dew
Golden Desire by Icy-Dew
Follow The Leader by Icy-Dew

It was a tossup between which of my two C girls that I wanted to feature so I decided
What the heck do them both; they are each amazing in their own rights. And no I don't have and C men >.> :roll:

:iconchrisy21: Captain C of the 7 C's is funny charming and such a sweet heart she is one of the most
Giving girls her age I have ever met and if she is your friend too then you are truly bless.
Merry Christmas Vin by Chrisy21
Orchids by Chrisy21
Kakashi's reading time by Chrisy21

:iconduytter: Now Duytter is new to me as an artist he is outstanding as a matter of fact I kept thinking
His pieces were photos and kept placing them into the wrong folder, until Lovely Bev pointed out to me
Hey dummy they are paintings :roll: :giggle: ok she didn't say it like that but she should have :nod:
But really his art is amazing.

A Crazy Evening by duytter
Adelaide St by duytter
Toronto by duytter

:icongreeniegirl96: I have known this artist for a few years now very talented lady her art is fabulously done.
Black Arabian by Greeniegirl96
Bobcat by Greeniegirl96
Clint Eastwood by Greeniegirl96
:iconigi-unleashed: another awesome artist I have known for many years Igi has a lovely beautiful gift with comics I am a huge fan of her style.

Badger and the Drought Demon by Igi-Unleashed
A Talking-Drinking Scene by Igi-Unleashed
Mongrel vs. Empty Man by Igi-Unleashed

Well these are a few of the artist I watch there are many more but I do not have forever to go through each and every ones pieces ……..yup too lazy ;p

Holding Hands!


:thumb355833025: Blue And Vin I LOVE YOU GUYS T____T by IceeRiceeBunee


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